Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Post Traumatic Body Image Disorder

I have been thinking about the barrage of "perfect" images, ideas of what we "should" look like, eat, drink, do that are constantly shoved in our faces daily. We're all suffering from the impossibility of living an ideal that no one actually embodies. What would we tell our dog or cat if he wanted to look like a wolf or a tiger? "You're perfect the way you are; it's not possible for you to be that." Well, it's not possible for me to look like a model. I will never grow 5 inches and lose 20 pounds (which, by the way, would be really unhealthy). It's not even possible for most models to look like their pictures. It's all airbrushing and makeup.

It is possible, however, for me to be happier, more self confident, and more self satisfied than any model. How do I do this? By accepting myself, as I am, in this moment, and doing things in my life that are true to who I am and want to be. This is not easy, but there is good news. In each new moment, we have another chance to try again.

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