Monday, June 21, 2010

Mindful Eating

This is a great article on increasing mindfulness when eating. Well, it introduces the idea of being more aware when eating, although it doesn't actually give suggestions on how to do it. We do seem, as a culture, to promote disconnecting our minds and our bodies. Everywhere we see commercials, billboards, and people we know multitasking rather than tuning in to what we're doing. Especially when we are eating. If we enjoy food so much, why don't we pay more attention to it? So rather than focusing on work or the TV during meals, try enjoying and tasting the food. You might notice yourself getting full.

The article also has suggestions for how to make food last longer in our systems, such as eating more fiber, protein, and fat. It is actually possible you could eat more than you think you should; you just have to know what to add to the meal. When reading the article, try to ignore the suggestions for other articles to read that they sneak into the middle of the article you're reading. This tends to take away from the initial message they are sending.

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