Monday, May 24, 2010

Coping With Those Bad Days

The last few weeks were rather rough for me, and I have been wondering what was different that caused them to feel so challenging? What could have helped me to get through the day? I think a big part of it was the level of perceived support from others in my life was lower than what I normally feel.

I could probably have remedied the situation by simply asking for more support. Most of the time, the people who love us are perfectly willing to be there if we tell them we honestly need them to be. They cannot read our minds, though, and it actually shows a lot of strength and humility to know when we need help and to ask for it.

There are times when a friend is not available, so it is also good to have some back up ideas for when it is only up to you. The following article has some suggestions for simple methods of improving one's mood: You may have some similar skills that already work for you. The trick is to make them readily accessible for those days when you are sitting at your desk about to cry!

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