Monday, April 12, 2010

Eating Disordered Behaviors

I found a study on about eating disorders. The article explains that, because of the strict criteria required to give a person an eating disorder diagnosis, many insurance companies will not pay for the treatment a person may need. Many people may not meet the actual criteria for an eating disorder, but that doesn't mean that a person's relationship with food isn't harmful.

Severely restricting fat and protein intake is unhealthy. If you have irritability, dry skin, fatigue, dull and brittle hair and nails, digestive complaints, and an inability to lose weight, you may be suffering from essential fat deficiency. Add some avocado, nuts, seeds, salmon, or other healthy fats to your diet! Protein deficiency is indicated by fatigue, difficulty building muscle, loss of hair, and mood swings.

Chronic dieting can also be very stressful for one's body. One may notice difficulty losing weight despite low calorie intake and frequent exercise. Sometimes the body holds onto fat stores and slows the building of muscle when calorie intake is not high enough. One may also have vitamin deficiencies and brain chemistry imbalances. If you have trouble allowing yourself to eat more, you may benefit from a counseling relationship to help you work through this resistance.

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