Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eating at the Speed of Boring

I have known for a while that I am a fast eater and that it is so much healthier to eat slowly. Eating quickly leads to a stress response, which limits oxygen intake and inhibits proper digestion. Because of this knowledge, I am consciously attempting to eat more slowly.

If I am mindful and aware of my food, even when I'm trying to eat slowly, I find that I am still finishing my meal quickly. Perhaps it is because I am enjoying it so much I want to focus on just eating? I can employ tricks to force myself to eat more slowly such as chewing my food so many times or putting my fork down between bites. This ends up leading to boredom with my meal and that isn't good either, as I am not getting my required amount of pleasure from the food.

So I have been playing with different ways to maintain that awareness, pleasure, and slowness of my meals, but every person is different and different techniques may work better for each of you. For me, I am noticing that if I keep in mind the word "savor," I accomplish my food goals more easily. If I savor that food, I am fixated on the enjoyment of the taste and wanting to make it last. I would be interested in others' solutions.

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